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The Elite StoryThe Elite Story

Once Upon a Time, long, long ago, I was a public accountant. I worked 80 hour work weeks and had no life outside of my job. I taught dance once per week to keep a glimmer of sunshine in my space. One rare evening, I went to meet friends for dinner to "get away" from the stress of work. My friends took one look at me and said that I looked terrible – drained, sleepless and stressed. That was a defining moment in my life. I knew right then and there that I had a CHOICE to make a change and live life to the fullest, or continue on suffering through stress.

I had dreamed of owning a dance studio where I could teach people how to dance and how to appreciate all that dance has to offer in life. I had BIG dreams that one day, that dance studio would be filled with people who enjoyed dance as much as I do. I dreamed that my dance studio would be a place where people find comfort and peace and feel a part of a family. In that same dream, I envisioned laughter, love and friendship among all of us at Elite. I got excited about all of the possibilities that could be created in an environment that was constantly nurtured and enriched through amazing programs and people. My defining moment pushed me toward my dreams.

Fast forward to today, as I write this letter, with two beautiful dance studio locations, I reflect on my dreams and on Elite Dance Academy. I am so thankful for all of the wonderful people who have walked through our doors at Elite and am thrilled that you all continue to do so. It makes me so happy to see all of our dancers and their families with smiles on their faces as they come and go to and from their busy lives outside of our studio doors. I realize you have many choices relating to what you do with your time and thank you for spending it with us at Elite!

I am confident that our dancers are receiving the absolute best dance training through instruction and hope that you all see the results of that training and your dancers' hard work while at Elite. I am also confident that the staff at Elite are serving as mentors and role models as great human beings for your kids.  

Please know that we, at Elite, are constantly striving to fulfill our mission, which is to provide a family environment where everyone loves to dance, we love to work and positive lifetime memories are made. We are working hard every day to take care of you and your families in the best way that we can. If you ever have any suggestions to make your experience better here, feel free to contact me.  I am always open to feedback sincerely.


Lisa's Biography

Lisa has been dancing for twenty-two years. She began dancing on scholarship at Starstruck Dance Academy during and throughout high school. Lisa choreographed and performed the second place ESPN national pom pon routine in her senior year in high school. Lisa has been instructing students dance for the past eighteen years. She has taught at dance studios throughout Colorado and the surrounding states. She has choreographed for several high school pom pon and dance squads as well as college squads. Lisa has a substantial professional performance background as well. She was a Denver Nuggets Dance Team member for four years and she directed the team in her final season during a playoff year. She was a Denver Broncos cheerleader for three seasons and in her final year she performed at Superbowl 32.

For many years, Lisa served as a judge for the Denver Nuggets Dance Team and as a Master who taught technique classes during audition weeks.  She also continues to be involved with the Denver Broncos cheerleaders serving as a technical judge during their auditions.

Lisa's performing credits include dancing in the Las Vegas Revue "Pizzazz" for a season run. She also performed as a core dancer in the Denver Center Theater production of Star Fever in the Space Theater.

Many of her alumni competitive dancers have gone on to dance for professional squads such as the Denver Broncos cheerleaders, the Colorado Crush and others have become professional dancers in Los Angeles, California and can be seen on television commercials and sit-coms. In 2007, Lisa turned the direction of the competitive teams over to other Elite trusted instructors.

Lisa has a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She also has her Certified Public Accounting license.  Lisa currently celebrates her personal life with her family - Husband, Chris, their two sons, John David and Chase their dogs, Paxton and Dax and two gerbils :) and her friends.  Lisa spends her free time listening to music and reading self-development books.