Elite Dance Academy Dance Classes and Lessons in Broomfield, CO and Boulder, Colorado
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Pre-School 2-3 Year Olds

Enchanted Beginnings

No dance experience needed.

Enchanted Beginnings is for students who are interested in learning what dance is all about. Basic technique and combinations will be taught creating a solid foundation for all forms of dance. Ballet, tap and jazz will be explored at very elementary levels and will be combined with enriching activities to foster social growth. 30 minute or 45 minute classes available.

Baby Bumblebees & Funky Monkeys Performance Crews

No dance experience needed.

Find out how to join our Baby Bumblebees or our Funky Monkeys Performance Crew for our littlest dancers, ages 2-4 years of age. Click here for more information.

Mommy & Me

No dance experience needed.

Age: Walking to 2 years

Class designed for toddlers and caregivers to take together! Movement lessons to enhance gross motor coordination and listening skills through music, props, and dance. 30 minute class.

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