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Grades 3-5


Ballet introduces movements and terminology as well as the
history of ballet. Each class incorporates a formal ballet warm-up, training of proper ballet
technique and combinations incorporating ballet movements and technique learned from prior classes in addition to new skills.

Boys Only Hip Hop

No dance experience needed.

Boys Only Hip Hop is designed just for our guys that are interested in learning about hip hop. It will introduce the basics of hip hop and break dancing movement and terminology.


Contemporary develops student technique through intricate and complex across the floor and center floor combinations. Each class incorporates a comprehensive warm-up, training of contemporary technique paired with the emotional and improvisational aspect of this unique style. Combinations using more complex choreography and technique will be learned and mastered. 

Hip Hop

Hip Hop introduces new hip hop movements and terminology as well as additional tricks used in the hip hop form of dance. Different hip hop styles and performance techniques will be taught at a faster pace for exercise in choreography retention. Each class incorporates a warm-up, training of proper hip hop technique and combinations using hip hop movements and technique learned from prior classes.


These classes introduce new jazz movements and terminology as well as knowledge of
how muscles work by focusing on strength and flexibility. Different jazz styles and
performance techniques will be taught with an introduction to improvisation. Each class
incorporates a warm-up, training of proper jazz technique and combinations using jazz
movements and technique learned from prior classes. 

Jazz/Hip Hop

These classes introduces new levels of jazz and hip hop movements and terminology. Focus is devoted on style and tricks specific to this combined form. Each class
incorporates a comprehensive warm-up, training of jazz and hip hop technique and style plus
combinations incorporating movements and technique using prior class knowledge.

Musical Theater

Combining jazz technique with the excitement of performing, students will enjoy a combination of singing, dancing and acting. Dancers will be thrilled to work on several mini-musicals in class throughout the year!


Poms is designed for the dancer who is interested in combining dance skills with energy and enthusiasm. Each class begins with a warm-up and stretching section to improve flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. This class introduces poms movement and terminology as well jumps, leaps and turns.


Prerequisite: teacher recommendation only

Pre- Pointe is designed for students who are interested on being en pointe in the future.
This class introduces new strengthening and body readiness exercises valuable for any
dancer interested in pointe. Each class incorporates a formal ballet warm up, training of
proper technique as well as exploring the world of pointe shoes and body readiness.


These classes explore and expand on the basics of tap and introduce more challenging rhythms and steps. Students looking to broaden their knowledge of tap are encouraged to take this class. Students will focus on repetition of tap movements and will learn combinations to further develop skills in the tap genre.


These classes introduce appropriate level tumbling movements. During each class, dancers will learn a variety of stretches to ready their body and improve flexibility, how to tumble safely and also learn tricks across the floor and center.


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