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STUDIO/SPACE RENTAL Call 303-466-8626 or email info@elitedanceacademy.net to book your rental!

At Elite Dance Academy, we have amazing facilities perfect for your rental needs!

Pricing: $30 per hour

You are able to choose from two locations:

  • BOULDER - 4,000 total square feet with approximately 2,500 square feet of dance studio space. Lobby space is also available for rent.
  • BROOMFIELD - 7,000 square feet with approximately 3,500 square feet of dance studio space. Lobby and conference room space are also available for rent.

Our space is perfect for:

  • Individual rehearsal space 
  • Group rehearsal space 
  • Independent fitness instructors looking to host classes 
  • Birthday parties - check out our birthday party packages here
  • Corporate events 
  • Meet-Ups 
  • Work space 

You can request rental in increments of 30 minutes up to full day and week rentals. You will need to provide the following information to the front desk in order to request rental:

  1. Family/Contact name 
  2. Location 
  3. Room specifications and preference 
  4. Reason for request 
  5. Quantity, times and length of each rental 
  6. Time(s) of day 
  7. Day(s) of week 
  8. How many in attendance 
  9. Food or drink in space 
  10. Special needs/requests

 Once we know these things, our front desk staff can schedule one of our locations/rooms to serve your needs.

Contact Alanna Savor at 303-466-8626 or alanna@elitedanceacademy.net to book your rental!