Why Should You Put Your Child in Classes at Our Studio?

When you choose to put your child in dance class, you’ll see their self-confidence, joy, and sense of belonging flourish.

At Elite, our students not only receive quality training and professional performing experiences but also learn to develop important life skills as well. Learning to be respectful, confident, and conscientious youth who share their gifts and talents with the community.

We Want Elite Dance Academy To Become Your Second Home
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Build Self-Esteem

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Make Lifelong Friendships

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Have Fun

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How to Join the Fun at Elite Dance Academy

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Why Elite Dance Academy?

"Our daughter has been attending Elite Dance Academy for 9 years and has always enjoyed all of their dance classes. We have stayed with Elite because she loves dance and Lisa has created an environment that fosters love of dance and friendships. Over the years, our daughter has kept learning new dance skills and branched out into all genres of dance. She has especially loved participating in their dance productions (Nutcracker, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland) - loving the extra stage and dance experiences she gains from these as well as building additional friendships with a wider range of dancers throughout the productions.

In recent years, she has joined the competitive teams and has grown so much as a dancer and as a performer and we are so proud to watch her grow into a kind of supportive pre-teen. When I asked her what she loves about Elite - she said that she feels like it's "home" and we feel the same way too. The teachers, support staff, and fellow dancers and family are welcoming and supportive."

- Michelle Paul

Why Elite Dance Academy?

Enrolling your child in dance classes provides a multitude of advantages, encompassing physical fitness, artistic expression, and social development. It also helps with confidence building, strength, and overall happiness. Jazz, hip hop, ballet, contemporary, tumbling and tap are among the popular styles for young dancers.

Jazz dance combines elements of ballet and contemporary movement, placing emphasis on high energy movement, syncopated rhythms and expressive gestures. Tap dance focuses on percussive footwork, teaching intricate patterns and musicality through the use of metal-tipped shoes.

Hip hop dance, deeply rooted in urban culture, showcases dynamic movements, improvisation, and individual style. Classes cover foundational techniques while also exploring the cultural significance of hip hop.

Ballet, on the other hand, remains a fundamental aspect of dance education, renowned for its discipline, grace, and technical precision. Students learn essential techniques like turnout, alignment, and balance, all while delving into their creativity and artistic expression.
Tumbling class offers a dynamic blend of gymnastics techniques tailored to enhance dancers' flexibility, strength, and agility, incorporating elements such as flips, rolls, and acrobatic maneuvers into choreographed routines. Participants learn to seamlessly integrate these skills into their performances, elevating their dance repertoire with a thrilling fusion of athleticism and artistry.

Each style offers a distinct experience, catering to a wide range of interests and abilities. Dance classes provide a nurturing environment for personal growth, self-expression, and individual achievements, fostering lifelong skills and friendships within a vibrant dance community.