K-2nd Grade

Ballet introduces basic movements and terminology. Each class incorporates a warm-up, introductory training of proper ballet technique and combinations using ballet movements and technique.

This class introduces basic ballet and tap technique and terminology. Each class begins with a warm-up and contains introductory training and combinations incorporating both ballet and tap movement.

3rd-5th Grade

Ballet introduces movements and terminology as well as the history of ballet. Each class incorporates a formal ballet warm-up, training of proper ballet technique and combinations incorporating ballet movements and technique learned from prior classes in addition to new skills.

Grades 6+

These classes work on higher levels of ballet movements and terminology while exploring and further mastering original choreography from ballet variations. Each class incorporates a formal ballet warm-up, training of proper ballet technique and combinations using ballet movements and technique learned in prior classes.

Pre Pointe
Pre-Pointe is designed for students who are interested on being en pointe in the future. This class introduces new strengthening and body readiness exercises valuable for any dancer interested in pointe. Each class incorporates a formal ballet warm up, training of proper technique as well as exploring the world of pointe shoes and body readiness. Prepare your body for pointe!

Prerequisite: admission to class is by teacher recommendation or 2 years of Pre-Pointe.
Pointe will combine all aspects of Intermediate and Advanced Ballet. Students will develop the muscles in their legs and feet to successfully and safely dance en pointe.


At Elite Dance Academy, we have Ballet classes for every age starting at 2 years old. For younger dancers we also have combination classes that incorporate Ballet and Tap Technique. Dancers interested in Ballet like structured versus stylized dancing. In Ballet, every move is calculated and specifically placed. It is challenging, entertaining, engaging and rewarding.

Ballet is a structured dance style that incorporates a ballet warm-up, ballet barre exercises and proper ballet technique and combinations. Each level will offer something new to learn as a ballet dancer. Starting at a kindergarten level dancers will also be introduced to the history of Ballet. Also important when taking a Ballet class is knowing and memorizing ballet terminology. Each move in Ballet has a specific French term associated with it. Older dancers will be expected to identify a number of Ballet terms. Dancers who are 10 years or older also have the opportunity to participate in pre-pointe and pointe ballet classes. Pointe is a specific style of ballet where dancers wear shoes that allow them to dance on the tips of their toes. This is the type of Ballet that you may have seen in professional Ballets such as the infamous Swan Lake or Nutcracker.

Ballet dancers have a specific dress code that must be followed. In Ballet class, it is important that teachers are able to see the legs and arms of the dancer, to see their lines. Therefore tight fitted clothing is required. Female dancers are expected to wear a black leotard, pink ballet tights and pink leather ballet shoes with their hair in a bun. Male dancers are expected to wear tight fitted black pants, a black or white t-shirt or tank top, black ballet shoes and hair of their face.

Outside of our traditional Ballet classes, we also have specific Ballet classes that train dancers based on the Royal Academy of Dance specifications. The Royal Academy of Dance is an exam based dance training where dancers graduate to new levels after examinations. These classes carefully guide a student's growth in ballet by progressing through levels, as would any karate class, or swimming level. There are only a handful of people in the world who are certified to run these exams and we have our very own examiner in house, Miss Vera! As an Examiner, Vera , travels around the world examining RAD students that participate in the same RAD classes we offer at Elite Dance Academy. Miss Vera is also a registered instructor who teaches every RAD ballet class that we offer here.

Each Ballet teacher at Elite Dance Academy is professionally trained and passionate about helping our dancers learn and grow in the Ballet genre and would LOVE to have your dancer in class.

Not sure if Ballet is right for your dancer? Take a trial class and let’s find out together!