K-2nd Grade

This class introduces basic contemporary movements and terminology. Each class incorporates a warm-up, introductory training of lyrical technique and combinations using contemporary movement. Emotional and flowy movement.

3rd-5th Grade

Contemporary develops student technique through intricate and complex across the floor and center floor combinations. Each class incorporates a comprehensive warm-up, training of contemporary technique paired with the emotional and improvisational aspect of this unique style. Combinations using more complex choreography and technique will be learned and mastered.

Grades 6+

These classes focus on developing the dancer’s individual personality and style of dancing while introducing specialty elements. Combinations are taught quickly and are technically challenging. Focus changes frequently to allow dancers an opportunity to hone their talents and dance more dynamically. Dancers’ improvisation skills are further developed here as well. Students continue to explore the emotional aspect of dance as well as fluid movement. Combinations are generally longer and taught at a faster pace. The goal is for students to portray their emotions in a way that audience members can feel.
At Elite Dance Academy, we have contemporary classes for dancers in kindergarten and older. Each class incorporates a warm-up, training of contemporary technique and combinations using contemporary movements learned in prior classes.

Contemporary dancers enjoy more meaningful movement. Every move that they do has a purpose and emotion behind it. They know that their expressions and emotions are just as important as their dancing. Contemporary dance is combined with softer and slower ballads to convey the emotion behind the movement. Depending on the song or the choreographer, contemporary can be hard hitting or softer more flowy movement. Contemporary dance class is a great class for dancers wanting to explore their own style and creativity. Improvisation skills are developed which helps dancers move freely and openly. Contemporary dancers are encouraged to feel and dance to convey whatever they are feeling or whatever the choreographer wants them to portray.

Contemporary dancers have a specific dress code that must be followed. Male and female Form fitting top (tank is preferred), shorts (showing the knee)/jazz pants/leggings, jazz shoes, dance paws or bare feet. These requirements allow instructors to better see body placement of the dancer and therefore give them accurate critiques.

Each contemporary teacher at Elite Dance Academy is professionally trained and passionate about helping our dancers learn and grow in the contemporary genre and would LOVE to have your dancer in class.

Not sure if Contemporary is right for your dancer? Take a trial class and let’s find out together!