K-2nd Grade

This class introduces basic jazz movements and terminology. Each class incorporates a warm-up, introductory training of jazz technique and combinations using jazz movement. Fast paced and fun movement.

Jazz/Hip Hop
This class introduces basic jazz and hip hop movements and terminology paired together to form a unique combination. Each class incorporates a warm-up, introductory training of hip hop and jazz movements and combinations using hip hop and jazz movements. A perfect combination of funky hip hop and hard hitting jazz.

3rd-5th Grade

Jazz/Hip Hop
These classes introduce new levels of jazz and hip hop movements and terminology. Focus is devoted on style and tricks specific to this combined form. Each class incorporates a comprehensive warm-up, training of jazz and hip hop technique and style plus combinations incorporating movements and technique using prior class knowledge.

Dance Fusion
Dance fusion introduces the styles of both jazz and contemporary.

Grades 6+

These classes explore and expand jazz movements and terminology and elevated levels of turns and leaps. Combination instruction will be taught at a faster pace focusing on style and incorporating more difficult technique. Focus changes frequently to allow dancers an opportunity to hone their talents and dance more dynamically. Dancers’ improvisation skills are further developed here as well. Each class incorporates a formal jazz warm-up, training of proper jazz technique and combinations using jazz movements and technique learned in prior classes.
At Elite Dance Academy we have Jazz classes for dancers in Kindergarten and up. Depending on your dancers’ age, there are a few different styles of Jazz classes they can take. These include Jazz, Jazz/Hip Hop combination classes, Jazz Funk and Dance Fusion - a Jazz/Contemporary combination class. Jazz is a great introduction to dance as a whole. If your child has never danced before and is interested in trying it, they will likely enjoy a Jazz class. Why? It is FUN! If you find your dancer moving and grooving to popular music, they will fit right into a Jazz Class.

Dancers who are interested in the Jazz genre like fast paced, hard hitting movements as well as stylized movements. They also enjoy learning and perfecting Jazz Technique including turns, leaps and jumps. Jazz dancers like upbeat music and an entertaining and engaging experience. Jazz is a genre with many different versions of itself, which is why we offer such a wide variety of classes in the genre. Each class, no matter the specific style of Jazz, incorporates a Jazz warm-up and time to work on Jazz technique and combinations.

Jazz/Hip Hop as well as Dance Fusions is offered to dancers who are in Kindergarten through fifth grade. These Jazz combination classes allow dancers to try multiple genres to see which they might like better. These classes also work great if your dancer is interested in Jazz and other styles but you are not able to take two separate classes.

Jazz Funk is a genre that is offered to dancers in third grade and up. This Jazz class is more stylized than any other that we offer. As the name suggests, it is “funky” and gives the dancers in the class a chance to explore their own creativity and style in Jazz. Jazz Funk incorporates less traditional Jazz technique and focuses more on movement and combinations to really get comfortable with the genre.

Jazz dancers have a specific dress code that must be followed. Male and female dancers are expected to wear a form fitting top (tank is preferred), Shorts (showing the knee)/Jazz Pants/Leggings, Jazz Shoes, Dance Paws or Bare Feet. These requirements allow instructors to better see body placement of the dancer and therefore give them accurate critiques.

Each Jazz teacher at Elite Dance Academy is professionally trained and passionate about helping our dancers learn and grow in the Jazz genre and would LOVE to have your dancer in class.

Not sure if Jazz is right for your dancer? Take a trial class and let’s find out together!